Mission & Principles

YARR’s Mission     

is to use our bodies, tactics and resources to document, resist and prevent actions by ICE or other repressive forces that would harm our fellow human beings.

YARR is is an all-volunteer organization.  If you have a vision for something that could (or should) happen, please be prepared to put in the work to make it so.  The best place to start is by joining a working group.

Sign up for our mailing list, and one of us will get in contact with you to help you get plugged in.  YARR: Put your body where your heart is!

How YARR Works

YARR’s current working groups:

Training – hosting trainings for rapid responders

Services – connecting families impacted by raids with legal, financial and other resources

The Tech & Logistics Crew (TLC) – how our phone system and other things like that work

Story – telling the stories of our communities through street art, social media & corporate press

Fundraising – raising funds, reimbursing people for expenditures

Coordination – making sure meetings happen and that the working groups are coordinated

YARR Principles

  • Solidarity is necessary to resist force and intimidation.
  • We aim to care for supporters and callers during and after actions.
  • We value community collaboration and mutual responsibility, and see this as inextricable from individual contribution and autonomy.
  • We aim to be accountable to communities we may impact, as well as to one another within the movement.
  • We aim to challenge systems of oppression in our work and within our organizing structure, including but not limited to, racism, classism, patriarchy, homophobia and ableism.
  • Solidarity will be practiced across ideological and tactical lines.
  • We will consistently assess capacity, to inform our choices and support us in setting attainable goals.
  • We aim to infuse our interactions with each other with kindness, honesty, and courageous love.

YARR Decision-making

  • An affinity group is a group of 4 or more people who have agreed to work together as part of YARR and speak with one voice when decisions are being made.
  • Decisions will be made among working group and affinity group spokes via consensus.  Blocks must be tied to YARR’s mission or values.
  • All proposals to have evaluation periods as part of them.
  • If a time-sensitive decision *must* be made, and no option has more than 50% enthusiasm among decision-makers, 2/3 majority vote is the fallback.
  • Decisions made internally in working groups or affinity groups can use whatever process that group likes.


Organizers agree to contribute a minimum of 4-6 hours per week on YARR work.

At any point, someone may be asked to leave YARR by a 2/3 majority vote.  This should not be viewed as a condemnation, but simply YARR deciding that it will be better able to serve its mission and values without that person’s participation.

In case of interpersonal conflict, mediators and conflict facilitators are available if the parties involved desire such support.

Basic Consensus Process:

1.  A proposal is made
2.  Clarifying questions are asked, until everyone fully understands the proposal
3.  Concerns are brought up and listed
4.  The group has time to amend the proposal in an attempt to incorporate the concerns
5.  Repeat steps 2 – 4 with the modified proposal (the facilitator decides how many times to do so)
6.  Check for stand-asides (note those for the record)
7.  Check for blocks (if there are any, the proposal is discarded)
8.  Check for active consensus