HomeisHere Rally

Date: November 8, 2019

Time: 3-5pm

Location: Town Clock, Downtown Santa Cruz, CA 95060


On November 8, students from across Santa Cruz County will be organizing walkouts in defense of DACA and their immigrant friends and families. The fate of the DACA program—thus their lives—will be in the hands of the Supreme Court. YARR stands in solidarity with the more than 5,000 Central Coast DACA recipients who are fighting to stay in their community because their #HomeIsHere. We encourage you to join in a day of action when we will show the nation the power and resilience of our communities.

Join the #HomeIsHere Rally in Santa Cruz

Town Clock, 2020 N Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz CA 95060


Why is the DACA program before the Supreme Court? Since September 2017, when the Trump Administration attempted to arbitrarily terminate DACA, the program has been protected by lower court decisions. However, the Trump administration appealed and demanded the Supreme Court to weigh in. Oral arguments are scheduled to begin November 12th and the Supreme Court will hand down its decision sometime between January and June of 2020.

What does this mean for DACA recipients? It means that the program that has allowed them to work, go to school, drive, contribute to their communities and live without fear of deportation is in real danger of being terminated once and for all. That is why we urge beneficiaries to renew their DACA now! Go to www.HomeisHere.us for everything you need to know about the renewal process.

What can allies do? Now, more than ever, we need the support of friends and allies. You can donate to the DACA Renewal Fund to help cover the application fee. Likewise, we are encouraging students, educators, administrators and organizations to support actions like the school walkouts happening across the country on November 8th.

Regardless of outcome, we will not give up because #HomeisHere and we will not let hatred and racism dictate the fate of our immigrant neighbors, students, and friends.

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Love + Solidarity,