Training for Advocates

Date: April 12, 2018

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Location: Once your RSVP is received, you will be sent the location.

Sponsored by YARR, this Training for Advocates will prepare bilingual people to support families affected by detention or deportation. An Advocate reaches out to the family of the detained or deported and becomes the point-person between them and YARR and the other service groups in the area.

Advocates are not experts in legal support, media campaigns, fundraising or any of the rest of it.  They are just the conduit for information going to and from the affected family, and staying in touch with people on our side of things to make sure no balls get dropped.

* Introduction to YARR and the Services Working Group
* Walk-through of the various services available both through YARR and county-wide
* Role plays and training for meeting a caller for the first time
* Empathetic listening practice
* Cross-cultural organizing best practices
Essential “Know your rights” information

RSVP for the training by sending an email to  Once your RSVP is received, you will be sent the location.

Please invite others you know who are bi-lingual (Spanish/English) and good at task management.